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"Fractiles is rated for Children 6+, but my 5 year old loves it! My father, a scientist, gave it to him as a birthday gift. Matthew loves to make the patterns shown on the package, and his 10 year old brother makes patterns of his own. They have spent hours with it, and so have I. For the younger boy, it's great for following patterns and motor skills, for the older one it is a creative toy. We recommend it!"
- Toy Enthusiast and father of two from Santa Barbara County

"I bought Fractiles for my son who was 3 at the time and he played with it for hours at a time. He still plays with it and is now 5. He can make all of the designs on the outside cover. He also comes up with cool designs of his own."
- Denise M.

"I'm getting my grandson more Fractiles for Christmas. They are great for children who get restless during church services. Thanks!"
- Janet P., Chattanooga, TN

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