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Silver Honor Award
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Fun for kids if they can get it from the grownups.

"I've set this out at parties and people are fascinated. You can play while having a conversation and a drink...and it gets interesting when more than one person works on something at the same time."
--Peggy Jo (Colorado) April 19, 2007

"Fractiles 7, I love this item. My granddaughter received it for Christmas and I was so excited about it I ordered it for myself. I think it is a little too challenging for a 7 yr old - but I love it."
-- Mavis L. Clinedinst (New Jersey) February 14, 2007

"I found Fractiles about a month ago at a natural history museum..... They haven't been put away yet. Our nieces and nephews give us a hard time. They say, 'For a couple with no kids, you have a LOT of toys!' "

- Rebecca

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