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Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award

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Silver Honor Award
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"As an adult day program - we are constantly searching for activities that will catch and keep the attention of our Alzheimers participants.

"Fractiles has been a very successful tool for us - keeping one participant engaged for sometimes hours as he waits for his wife to pick him up. He always recognizes it as something familiar when we pull it out and ask him to help us with our 'project' ."
- Ann Muñios Director - Carelink: Adult Day Care Providers, City of Boulder Senior Services, Boulder, CO

"Since I'm incapacitated due to a stroke, I find that Fractiles-7 is a delightful way to spend a few hours. As a retired commercial artist, I also find that Fractiles-7 compliments both my interests and my meager talents."
- John L . Retired Commercial Artist, San Diego, CA

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