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Solid Geometry From Two Dimensions to Three.
Hope Paul Productions. Fold-up polyhedra shapes, pyramids, prisms and more.

Mandala coloring books and a unique collection of mandala gifts that inspire, stimulate creativity, soothe body, mind and spirit, and promote peace and harmony.

Does geometry play a role in the genetic code? Rafiki says yes:
Code World


Ed Pegg's site, one of the best math puzzle
sites on the web

Jill Britton's wonderful site with
lots of tessellations
Escher: Lizard/Fish/Bat


Simple and elegant ball and stick modeling system
which allows anyone to build beautiful
geometric models with little effort


Sacred Geometry Site of Bruce Rawles:

stellation of a dodecahedron



Totally Tessellated - A comprehensive introduction
to tessellations (tilings)

Tessellation Types

Website of mystical mandala artist, Aya.

Bija Grid

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