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Fractiles in the Classroom

Order Fractiles NowFor Teachers and Educators of Art, Math and Special Education (K-12)

Fractiles-7 challenges, but does not frustrate.

Not too easy, not too hard - the versatile and elegant geometry of Fractiles-7 allows almost anyone to create endless varieties of imaginative and beautiful designs, ranging from simple to complex. With 192 magnetic tiles and a 12"x12" steel board, Fractiles-7 is perfect for focus groups. And unlike pattern blocks, these magnetic tiles stay put, an especially helpful feature for students with fine motor skill problems.

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Fractiles-7 facilitates an intuitive grasp of spatial relationships and invites deeper exploration.

Regular use of Fractiles-7 increases visual perceptual skills and visual analysis skills.

From Dr. Jerome Rosner's guide for parents and teachers "Helping Children Overcome Learning Difficulties", Walker Publishing Company, 1993:

"Visual perceptual skills and visual analysis skills are critical to mastering Arithmetic and Mathematics. The child who does not appreciate spatial relationships (whose visual analysis skills are deficient) or who lacks the ability to use spatial analysis strategies will have to resort to keeping the (math) problem in memory in its entirety, then organizing it into a solvable problem - a very difficult task indeed."

Simply stated, satisfactory progress in arithmetic depends upon the adequate development of visual perceptual skills. If a child's visual analysis skills are not properly developed, learning difficulties are inevitable. Arithmetic cannot be mastered through memorization.

Wisdom's House from Fractiles
Wisdom's House

As a youngster begins to acquire better visual perceptual and analysis skills, she begins to exercise these skills in different situations. Signs of progress include:

Better scores on T.V.A.S. (Test of Visual Analysis Skills).
Printing and writing improvement.
Better organized papers.
Demonstration of a more orderly approach to day-to-day situations - such as better organizing of time and efforts, noticing of things that facilitate learning, and so on.

Dr. Rosner states that visual perceptual skills are strongly linked to learning to read and write. Improving visual analysis skills enables students to respond better to instructional programs.

Of course, Fractiles-7 does not take the place of lessons, but your students may become more teachable by playing regularly with Fractiles-7.

21-Piece Circles | Fractiles
21-Piece Circles

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Games and Lesson Plans are available in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF; size:130 KB), a printer-friendly format. You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to see and print the games and lesson plans. You can download the free Adobe Reader software here.

Included in the Games and Lesson Plans are:

Mirror Your Friend Game
Symmetry Groups
Making Small Circles
Star Making
Four Plus Stars Game

21-Piece Circles | Fractiles
21-Piece Circles

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If you successfully use Fractiles in the classroom, if you have a story about how Fractiles has fostered learning, if you have a reference to a book or magazine article that discusses subjects related to Fractiles such as tessellations or seven-fold symmetry, please send us an email with your ideas or your story to:, and we'll post it as part of what this site offers.

21-Piece Circles | Fractiles
21-Piece Circles

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"I use Fractiles in my classroom as an outlet for creativity. It is among the choices awaiting students who have earned 'free time.' The responses have been very positive! The students are at ease with the format and welcome the chance to match the designs on the folder and/or stake out their own artistic territories. I have been delighted to observe two or more students working together in a cooperative manner!

Some of them would have loved to see their creations preserved for eternity in a museum! Eventually they conceded the need to yield the board and the pieces to another student knowing that they'll have another go at it when they earn the time!"
-Gene Silver, Teacher, Kellogg Middle School, Portland, OR

"My first graders are learning about shapes in our math class and using Fractiles-7 is a complimentary activity which they thoroughly enjoy. It's so popular that we have a sign up for equal turns!"
-Marilyn Bowker, First Grade Teacher Willett Elementary School, Davis, CA

"I find my students are captivated by Fractiles-7. Their sense of pride and accomplishment is immense when they show me what they have created. It makes them feel extra special about math. What a motivator! Fractiles is a terrific training aide that disguises learning as fun. It is reasonable to predict that Fractiles will remain a staple in my curriculum."
-Bob Curry, Elementary School Teacher The Learning Adventure School, San Diego, CA

"My 8th grade students are fascinated with Fractiles and enjoy making designs with them. Fractiles is especially applicable because we are studying geometric shapes and their relationships. I know they will be useful for a long time."
-Juanita Smith-Nakao, 8th Grade Math Teacher James Curran Middle School, Bakersfield, CA

"My students love Fractiles!"
-Patricia Hardwick, 4th Grade Teacher Zilker Elementary School, Austin, TX

"My 7th and 8th graders live for free time so that they can play with Fractiles."
-Sandra Bullard, Teacher, The Prentice School "Where children with dyslexia learn to learn"

"Fractiles-7 is a tremendous addition to my grade 2 Math and Design Program - plus the students love them!"
-Sydney Tyler-Parker, Cabrillo Elementary School, Pacifica, CA

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